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208 Regent Colony, Tollygunge Kolkata West Bengal 700040 IN

I’m “Debanjan Debnath” a skilled photographer endowed with comprehensive knowledge about the art of photography that enables enliven an event, capturing and preserving the memories to be cherished later. Photography serves the rising demand of Candid PhotographyFilmmaking & Cinematic Wedding in Kolkata for Wedding and Events.

In this present reality where ‘Critter with Brains’ frequently just have two or three minutes to investigate things, I am among the ‘Creative with Hearts’ who have a lot of time to enjoy into excellence which is ageless and past the thought of mortality. My photos uncover an empathetic comprehension among various subjects and edge regularly rampage spending into each other. I don’t photograph subjects, I photograph the way they influence me to feel. Fundamentally, I am a seeker gatherer of natural light and open minutes wringing flawlessness out of each photo comprising those. Taking pictures doesn’t divert me from the present minute, it rather puts me specifically into the valuation for it.

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